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Founder’s Day Celebration – Nov. 1st 2017

Nov.1 2017, witnessed yet another energetic and enigmatic evening filled with joy and fervour in the loving presence of its beloved founder Acharya Vinay Vinekar.

Sevaks from different centres came to celebrate this joyous moment with a promise to take the message of the founder’s vision to the world through different projects!

The Sevak  President, Secretary and Treasurer, – the think-tank behind all the projects promised to serve another term  (fourth consecutive year) in their respective posts to serve the organisation with the same zeal and enthusiasm and take the message to the world.

Bio-dynamic farming at Ghati is another wonderful project at Ghati. The young couple Sevak Rajesh and Sevak Sowmya alongwith support of Sevak Hemant and Sevak Mahendra Prasad of Salem continue their promise of representing and taking it forward!

A wonderful and dedicated Sevak family from Salem Sevak Mallika  and Sevak Manohar alongwith Sevak Velumani and Sevak kalaichelvi have come forward to make Adhaar their home and take care and share their love with the Special Children. Sevak Manohar also expressed his wish of building a Village in Ghati.

Universal Karunalayam, a nest for Senior Citizens build with Care with Love and Kindness, under the leadership  of Sevak Dorairajan and Sevak Vasanti with the great support from Sevak Chandramma and Sevak Natarajan and many other Sevaks promised to bring in renewed energy  and life in the home and also  extend it to many people.

There is also a Senior Care project in the offing, in Bangalore, where services to the Senior Citizens will be provided as and when needed. Yet another Sr. Sevak Usha Pravin has come forward to carry this project.

Sevaks have left no stones unturned! They are exploring the IT sector with a big bang to spread this unique message of togetherness through many projects. Compassionate Kind Heart project is one among few. Inspiring Videos, audios, and messages on Compassion is being collected and grouped together to show-case it to the world to show that Kindness in an inherent quality present in all beings.

These projects are is taken up under the young and dynamic leadership of Ganesh, G M Arun and B S Arun. They have been doing commendable jobs and have promised to keep the momentum going!!

Come, be part of any of these projects or bring your own idea to build a world of togetherness!