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An evening discussion with Dr.Chandrashekar

As one moves towards old age phase of life, what matters most? When one needs help and support of others, for even small activities of life, how does it feel? What does a senior citizen expect from life and others around him? These were some of the questions raised during the talk among Dr.Chandrashekar,  Acharya Vinay Vinekar  and  sevaks in person.

Dr.Chandrashekar was a renowned doctor in National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore. He has taken his Basic class with Acharya in Milton Street way back in 1992. He spoke about his practical experiences of Acharya’s message about drugless therapy and how serving and caring for others brings about natural harmony and health. He emphasized that true spirituality is serving the one in need.

As a senior, more than anything else, he feels a need for company of others (especially youth) with whom he can share his experiences. Someone who can just listen. But many a times he feels that the youth are stuck running around in their life to claim position, accumulate money and such. During the evening of his life all he cherishes are memories. How any of the fame or money helps, we were left wondering. In our previous generations large families would be together creating a sense of safety and security. The idea of a world village at Ghati where families live together where health and joy are in abundance suddenly made a lot of sense.

After the discussion, it is felt that each of us have to enquire within  on these lines:
    • What does an 80 yr old do to spend a day?
    • How would we be at  that age and how the world around us would be ?
    • How many people will be there to listen to us and help us?
    • How would we want our family, friends and the world  around us  to be, when we are that old?
    • Are we taking steps to make it happen?