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SEVAK (Society for Establishing Vishwa as A Kutumba) is a special task force to serve fellow beings and to create a healthy and peaceful world, which lives together as one loving caring family.

The society has been formed by people who have experienced contentment in themselves and trained to create a healthy, harmonious and peaceful life by the grace of Beloved Sri Acharya Vinay Vinekar, who is also the founder of SEVAK.

We carry out a mission that the greatest leaders of all times, like the Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira set forth in their lives – the mission of creating a world of universal love and brotherhood, a world which lives like one caring family. It is for us to restore confidence and show the efficacy of the wholesome qualities in each individual and help them so as to create an environment of freedom.

As a SEVAK, one is dedicated to promote Peace, Love and Universal Brotherhood amongst all beings so that one brings forth one’s true leadership qualities.

SEVAK literally means “The one who serves selflessly” in Sanskrit. Our theme is ‘One World One Family’. Beloved Acharya Vinay Vinekar through his mission made the SEVAKS to experience that:

Freedom in Life…

We SEVAKS have experienced that all human beings and other living beings are one. Every person, at whatever professional level performs actions as an opportunity to serve the brothers and sisters of the world family. With the inclusion of not only human beings but also animal and plant life and with the realization of one’s absolute responsibilities for all beings, life on earth will still be present for our children and grandchildren.

Each SEVAK member is free to practice his own prayer and ceremony according to the member’s own tradition, read any holy books like the Koran and the Bible, the Vedas and the Upanishads, the Dhamma and hundreds of other sacred books of all traditions and to be part of all, in hope of building harmony on earth, while fully appreciating the feelings and sentiments of the fellow members of the World Family.

All of us face different problems but we have only one world. We can utilize all resources for the community and for betterment of the society. We have seen that the world is divided in the name of religion, caste, and creed. One man’s food has become another man’s poison. Wrongful use of resources in one region is causing devastating effect in other regions.

We have to realize, that the day is not far when all the people of world have to come together and form a code of conduct in order to save the entire planet from devastation and destruction. Therefore the seed of togetherness has to be sown some where.

With this realization we have formed this theme “One World One Family” and started our society in order to make all people realize that all living beings on Earth are one and they should support each other as one loving family, forgetting all differences of castes, religion etc.,

Year Long Programmes

  • Group meditations, to feel more energetic and to experience the power of Divinity within one’s self.
  • SATSANGS and get-togethers, enable a shift in consciousness from sadness to bliss, from lethargy to alertness and pave way to lead a wonderful life.
  • Environment protection program, energy conservation, save water, clean city.
  • Create an atmosphere of togetherness through Ashrams, model village etc.
  • Establish various institutions like vocational training centers, education centers, yoga centers.
  • Create better understanding and opportunity for the handicapped, destitute and aged persons.
  • Community services from the grass root level.
  • Health, Family Welfare and Counseling.
  • Environmental growth and protection from epidemic and devastation.
  • Inter- religious harmony programmes.
  • Programmes of social harmony and economic upliftment.
  • Debates, Drama competition, music concerts on World Unity.
  • Discourses, on ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY.
  • Awareness programmes on AIDS, health awareness, and distribution of medicine, old clothes and stationery to schoolchildren.
  • De-alcoholism and rehabilitation, De-drug addiction etc.
  • Periodic visits to homes for the mentally handicapped, old age home, prisons and hospitals.
  • Blood, eye and organ donation programmes.


We SEVAKS have conducted jointly with various social service organizations, industries and personalities various service activities such as, arranging blood donations, monetary help for the needy visits to hospitals, orphanage etc.

Visiting public schools to create awareness among teachers and to help schools to acquire the basic minimum amenities and provide assistance to the underprivileged students.

Picnics and entertainment programmes were organized for the SEVAK families to promote internal harmony.

We have also established SEVAK youth wing at various educational institutions. Many programmes have been organized for the benefit of all children who have taken initiative and started doing social service activities, which will go a long way in creating happy and healthy world.

At monthly get-togethers eminent persons share their thoughts among SEVAKs. Our committees on community services, health services, environment services, youth services, women and child development are coordinating with other organizations to support them and also create a network of all service organizations to bring about unity and increased efficiency.

WORLD FAMILY DAY festival, is being celebrated every year on 22nd of July to promote universal love and harmony, involving like minded personalities and institutions. Many voluntary service organizations and eminent personalities working for the cause of humanity were invited and honored for their services.

A bimonthly newsletter called “SEVAK NEWS” is being brought out for distribution among SEVAK and their associates to keep contact among SEVAKs and to convey the various programmes and projects of SEVAKs.

* An opportunity to participate and share in a space of love and mutual support.

* An opportunity to undergo programmes to bring forth the power and capabilities from within themselves & the children and begin to experience the world with greater ease and freedom.

For society & mankind

  • An opportunity to be part of simple souls, and learn the secrets of true love and human existence.
  • An opportunity to be part of a leadership training environment to stand up in the world to create a life of joy and harmony.
We invite All who care, to be part of TRUE FREEDOM IN LIFE and join the movement of creating a happy, healthy and peaceful world.

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