Food for Needy

A heartfelt letter from our beloved sevaks on how the initiative happened…

Letters from Sevak

The following two letters show how the Food For Needy initiative started.

Hi everyone,

One world One family. We belong to the SEVAK family. We have seen our Guruji Acharya Vinay Vinekar’s wholehearted commitment to this world and his selfless acts of service. Looking at all the SEVAK family members who are serving for the welfare of others with dedication and love instilled in us a desire to serve like this.

One day we saw two helpless elderly men on the roadside, with the showing signs of hunger. We approached them and kindly offered, ‘Would you like to eat?’ Their immediate response was “We will eat”. So, we bought food for them from the shop. An idea abruptly dawned on us: let’s prepare meal for such people instead of buying it from the shop. With the help of friends, we started giving food to needy relatives in December 2018.

Once in every week, we started feeding 30 needy relatives. We shared this information through WhatsApp. With the help of SEVAKs, gradually we started feeding 300 needy relatives three days in a week. Friends and relatives donated their contributions for birthdays, weddings, and various other occasions. Through this, we gave food to many needy relatives with love and devotion. They would bow down and receive the food, and eat it with beaming smiles on their faces. It was at that moment we grasped the true worth and significance of food. Witnessing this revelation, we felt astonishment, contentment, and a profound sense of tranquility.

Many friends and relatives enthusiastically joined us as we joyfully cooked together and provided meals to needy family relatives. This gave us motivation, enthusiasm and energy to serve.

We extend profound gratitude to our “Guruji Acharya” for imparting us with the wisdom and inspiration to lead this extraordinary divine life, We also thank our SEVAK family and friends.

And those who are willing to serve, come and serve together.

Best regards,

N. Balamurugan and B. Indira Priyadarshini

Hello everyone,

One World One Family sevaks. Here’s our experience and reason behind our doings. Few years back we started a business and met with heavy loss in it. At the time, we were struggling to eat. Sometimes we started eating nearby temple offerings. Infact, before Guruji’s class we had a strong belief in God and believed my mother’s saying, ” If we worshipped with legions, God would come in human form and receive”, but unfortunately we never got that satisfaction.

Many times we have been starving without money. Since we have that feeling many times, we then decided to prepare to food for the roadside people. The people who bought the food from us took our hands and thanked us with tears, at the moment we realised, ” God is in every atom and in consciousness within every living being & by helping the needy we will definitely realise it”.Then we started providing raw food materials to elders who left helpless by their own family.

Back in my earlier days, my mother and sister would sense my hunger even without asking a word from me and they would feed me like a kid. When we see hungry people and we feed them with our food we used to get a complete satisfaction like a father and mother feeding their kids.

At this moment, we whole heartedly thank Our beloved “Palaniappan appa – Padma Amma” & Our beloved “Singaravel appa – Gomathi amma” & Our beloved “Guruji – Gurumatha” for bringing out the spirit within us to do so much for our fellow beings and Thanking to All of our sevaks who continously helping with us.

Best regards,

Kathirvel & Gokila