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A School For the Simple Souls

Many of our fellow beings carry labels of mental retardation, spastic, handicapped, defective etc. and life seems to have become a never ending hurdle from one obstacle to another, not only for those who carry the label but, even for those who don’t (like the families of the labeled). Our society’s demands and values have caused greater anxiety and tensions about tomorrow and what next?

The so – called mentally handicapped are actually simple souls, with pure hearts. Though bodies grow old and big, mentally they are still like children in openness and straight forwardness. Just because, these simple souls have not imbibed the techniques of cheating and manipulation that so called progressive/advanced/modern world has incorporated in their day to day life, these souls are branded “Handicapped!“.

May be instead of helping the defective to become normal, if we accepted certain truths of life and focused on identifying the loving, kind, simple soul carrying the tough label, then, life would have new meanings for all beings.

Adhaar Song

These, wonderful simple souls who carry labels may hold the secrets to oceans of love and purity and enable mankind to achieve its common vision of Universal brotherhood.

Society for Establishing Vishwa as A Kutumba

ADHAAR is a Creative Work space for the simple souls. The simple innocent child in every human. They embody our zeal for a straight – forward world. Let us hold their hands to lead us to a world of love and understanding. ADHAAR started functioning from 1st November 1990, inaugurated by Mother Anne (Our Lady of Missions France). The programme was presided over by Smt. Lakshmi Nizamuddin and Dr. R.M Verma (eminent Neuro Surgeon), We also had Sr. Jayanthi (Sophia Opportunity School). Mr. Justice Mir Iqbal Hussian ( Retd. Chief Justice), Shri Rajanna, MLA & Dr.(Mrs ) Kamal L. Vinekar as our honored guests.

Adhaar Offers

For the simple soul

  • A creative space to find a meaning to life based on one’s own capabilities. Programmes include ancient breathing techniques like pranayama and mind, body, breath, co-ordination training etc.
  • These are coupled with vocational training to find an easy way through life leading to one’s own independence and self-sufficiency.

For the Parents

  • An opportunity to participate and share in a space of love and mutual support.
  • An opportunity to undergo programmes to bring forth the power and capabilities from within themselves & the children and begin to experience the world with greater ease and freedom.

For Society & Mankind

  • An opportunity to be part of simple souls, and learn the secrets of true love and human existence.
  • An opportunity to be part of a leadership training environment to stand up in the world to create a life of joy and harmony.

Future Plans

A home for all the “Handicapped”. Simple souls at a special world family village where they live as “normal” with the able bodied, the exceptional thinkers, musicians, artists, professionals, orphans, widows, the aged, instead of living at secluded homes, would become part of this “Home” with people of different religions, thoughts & abilities living together.

This is an invitation to All who care, to be part of TRUE FREEDOM IN LIFE.

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