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‘Sevak’ is a word from Sanskrit,

which is one of the ancient languages in the world.

It means “one who serves”.

We believe that the one who serves can build togetherness in the world.

Our Mission

To serve fellow beings and

create a happy, healthy and peaceful world,

which lives together as one loving, caring family:



Acharya Vinay Vinekar  is  a  teacher  to  some,  a  mentor  to  others,  a   guide,  a   motivator,  a  confidant  and    guru   to   many  and   yet   this  is   an   incomplete  description  of  one  who  has  made  it  his   life’s    mission    to   bring    the  world    together   as      “ONE WORLD – ONE FAMILY”.

The world is my home.
Great masters have worked to put all beings together
as one loving family.
It is now my choice to carry out this unique task of building
One World – One Family
– Acharya Vinay Vinekar


Our Initiatives


Many of our fellow beings carry labels of mental retardation, spastic, handicapped, defective etc. and life seems to have become a never ending hurdle from one obstacle to another, not only for those who carry the label but, even for those who don’t (like the families of the labeled). Our society’s demands and values have caused greater anxiety and tensions about tomorrow and what next?


Home of Masters

We invite you to be part of “Home of Masters” (विश्व गुरु धाम /Vishwa Guru Dhaama) in Ghati, Karnataka. This abode carries message of oneness which many divine masters brought to life in many different ways and inspired many faiths.... It is in 3 physical levels. Ground floor contains an auditorium for various discussions related to faith and truths of life.


World Family Foundation

World Family Foundation is a non-profit organization. It services the society through like minded volunteers, known as SEVAKs.The word SEVAK literally means SERVANT, it stands for the expansion of SOCIETY FOR ESTABLISHING VISHWA AS A KITUMBHA (establishing world as one family). World Family Foundation was born from the stem of Institute of Universal Consciousness, which was established by Acharya Vinay Vinekar at Bangalore; in the year 1989 was a noble cause of creating ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY.


World Family Day

July 22nd which is celebrated as World Family Day is a unique festival of togetherness and service started by SEVAK. Every year it is celebrated on a theme related to creating a better world. Previous few themes have been “Confluence of Music and Drama”, “Kindness and Care”, “Trupti Bharath”, “Global India” etc. This festival of brotherhood is being celebrated all over the globe since year 1996. Various NGOs, social reformers, children, artists, craftsmen, engineers, doctors, makers of home and various other dignitaries gather in this day long celebration and share their ideas with each other.


Compassionate Kind Heart

We Sevaks, want to bring out Kindness, Creative aspects of people. In order to do this, we searched around and found that there are lot of people and animals who are very kind to others. There is compassion and kindness present all around, maybe you doubt it.


Student Enrichment Program

When children are enabled to make collective choices, they would become positive, creative & accommodative


Trupthi Bharath

Care for an unknown being... someone somewhere is need of our love


Food For Needy

A heartfelt letter from our beloved sevaks on how the initiative happened...


Upcoming Events

World Family Day 2024
from to
Scheduled ical Google outlook
The theme of World Family Day 2024 is 'Gratitude To All'

Watch this space for upcoming events

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