As people are getting older, the younger generation are moving away from them to chase their own dreams.

In this busy world, there is hardly any time to say “hello” to their own parents or grand parents. As they are left alone, the loneliness is increasing in many of the old people.

“It is better to stay in the nursing home than to staying alone at home” says an elderly person. Such is the recent time, horrifying and sad.  

Sevak, which strives to build a world of togetherness for all and having  a motto of building a World which lives as a Family, which cares for all beings,  has taken this step of creating a nest for elderly people called “Karunalayam”.

Universal Karunalayam Senior Citizens Home, Care with Love is a home for elderly people, who cares for all and lives like one family. We strive to create a loving atmosphere with quality of health, self-sufficiency in each and every individual.

Here you would find all the basic amenities that will help an elderly person to lead a quality life and enjoy each moment and get a secured feeling of being at home with a family.

Great care is taken to give a secured feeling to the elderly people through day to day activities which include:

  • Kriya – which are subtle movements which helps in mind-body co-ordination to help bring in awareness at body and mind level helps the body and mind to be healthy, happy and peaceful.
  • Pranayama – which  increases the energy level in the body
  • Meditation – which helps to bring in peace and harmony with one self.
  • Pranic food – Special attention is given to food which is essential for one’s body and mind. Pranic food is served for better health and peace.
  • Living Room is provided to :
    • Assemble for a hearty chat with each other, share good moments etc.
    • Watch TV
    • Read magazines, newspapers.
  • Evening walk to near-by park, temple or shopping malls.

Celebration of Festivals

All religious and national festivals of the year are celebrated in the Home. Special menu are prepared during such days. One can celebrate their wedding days, birthday, anniversaries, Sashtiyaptha poorthi, Sadhabhishegam, remembrance day (Ninavu naal) etc., in our Home, for which a sum will be collected from the donor in order to organize the event and prepare dishes.


Weekly bhajans are organised as a part of satsang. Which also not only rejuvenates one spiritually but also elevates one to a higher level of awareness which brings in joy and happiness all around!

Each elderly person are being specially monitored by doctors or nurses.



For more information contact : Sevak Dorairajan @9381006502 / Sevak Chandra @8438383378, Fixed Line: 044-24330391

Address : New No.88, Old No.40-A/1 First Main Road , CIT Nagar, Nandanam, Chennai – 600 035.

Email: universalkarunalayam@gmail.com

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Come join us to be loved and secured!